Meet Hot Rod

Double Wide Blues is a raw, edgy comedy about life in a Southern trailer park. But there are no punch lines, no laugh tracks and no happy endings. A British documentary film crew captures the exploits of the residents of the Ogeechee Mobile Home Park near Savannah, Georgia.

The residents of the trailer park are Southerners, but they don’t live on a farm. Or go hunting. They don’t drink Mint Juleps and they don’t go to church on Sunday. They’re too busy sleeping off their hangovers from Saturday night.

Friendship, family, love, loss and hope are all there. There’s also PBR, topless girls, all night parties, hopelessness and drunken dance-offs. Life in a Southern trailer park is funny, a little sad, and unbelievably crazy.

The series follows the lives of the residents who, for whatever reason, couldn’t or wouldn’t leave the trailer park and how their lives are affected by the man who did.

Double Wide Blues is a series about Southern poor white trash in all their irreverent glory.