A Savannah Haunting
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A Savannah Haunting is a supernatural thriller about a family who moves to Savannah, Georgia to escape the memory of their young daughter’s tragic drowning.

Once in their new home, the mother begins to experience chilling phenomena that lead her to believe she is being haunted by her dead daughter. But an old black woman with ties to the home’s slavery past warns there may be darker, more sinister forces dwelling beneath the house.

The family is torn apart as the haunting turns each of them against the other. Will they discover what is inside their home before it’s too late?

Paranormal Activity meets The Conjuring with a dash of The Shining.

The script is based on a series of true terrifying events that plagued a family in their home in Savannah, Georgia.  The supernatural forces dwelling in the house required a team of paranormal researchers and an exorcism to finally remove.  The most chilling moments from the script are taken directly from the family’s experiences in the house.


A Savannah Haunting will be filmed in the actual house where the original haunting took place.